PRISM Program

The City of Quinte West GIS/IT staff have developed an innovative GIS application, known as PRISM-GIS, for emergency response personnel (Fire Services and Police). PRISM stands for Protective Response Interactive Services management.

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One of the exciting features of the PRISM application is PRISM-911, which is an interactive municipal telephone notification system that can notify the public during an emergency situation. PRISM-911 is the first known Canadian-made emergency response GIS-generated telephone notification application. This application can be used to warn the public of a chemical spill or fire or to notify the public of a boil water advisory or construction project. It can also be used by the police to notify the public about a missing child. Where time is critical and minutes can seem like hours, PRISM-911 can make a difference in assisting our emergency response personnel.

How PRISM-911 Works

During an emergency event, the City can use the PRISM notification system to directly call our residents and inform them of the situation. PRISM-911 can make approximately 700-1000 calls per hour depending on the length of the message. The City has used PRISM-911 twelve (12) times during the past two years and this has saved the City tens of thousands of dollars. For more information on these notification events, you can view a list of PRISM Events that have taken place since January 2008.

Important Notice
PRISM-911 will never request your financial or personal information, other than your name, address, and telephone number. If you receive such a call, please contact the Quinte West OPP at (613) 392-3561.

The information you provide for PRISM-911 will only be used for municipal notification purposes and will not be shared with third parties.

PRISM-911 is a community emergency notification application that was developed by the City of Quinte West GIS/IT Department. This is the first known Canadian-made application of its kind and was officially launched on March 4, 2008.

PRISM-911 was developed by a Canadian municipality for Canadian municipalities. It is a web-based application that uses Canadian technology.

PRISM-911 is NOT Reverse-911®. Reverse-911® is an American emergency notification application owned and operated by a company of the same name. Although the press and public sometimes mistakenly refer to PRISM-911 as Reverse-911®, that is an error and the City of Quinte West regrets this common reference.